Frequently Asked Questions

What is Supermoves?

Supermoves™ is a parkour world from Makea Games where you wallrun, frontflip and grind rails on your way to glory. It’s a first and third person arcade parkour game that has both a singleplayer campaign and up to 40 player online multiplayer playlists. Supermoves has full online multiplayer and a level editor that lets you build any kind of parkour experience you wish.

What platforms will Supermoves be available on?

Supermoves will be available digitally on Steam for PC.

When is the release date for Supermoves?

Supermoves will release August 28th 2024 for PC on Steam.

How much does Supermoves cost?

The pricing for Supermoves has not yet been announced – we will announce the pricing closer to the release.

What gamemodes does Supermoves have?

Supermoves features eight multiplayer gamemodes at launch:
– Sprint
– Circuit
– Rising Tide
– Loot
– Obstacle Course
– Bomb Tag
– Tournament
– Royale

Additionally, Supermoves features a singleplayer Career Mode with a heavy emphasis on replay value.

What is the story of Supermoves?

In Supermoves’ singleplayer Career Mode, the player gets to make their own unique parkour traceur and brave the unique challenge of becoming the ultimate champion. In this rags-to-riches story, the player will go through exciting challenges to qualify for the Supermoves parkour championships. In this arcade-inspired campaign, the player will meet a cast of colorful characters and master the art of parkour.

Does Supermoves require an internet connection to play?

Supermoves does not require an internet connection to play. The game has a singleplayer Career Mode and all multiplayer levels can be downloaded for offline play separately. Submitting a leaderboard score requires an internet connection, as does participating in multiplayer gameplay. Please note that not all features in Supermoves support offline play.

What games inspired Supermoves?

Supermoves was inspired by and has the DNA of games like “Mirror’s Edge”, “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater” and “Fall Guys”, with its own unique twist, like the Supermoves trick system and focus on multiplayer gameplay.

What game engine does Supermoves run on?

Supermoves runs on Unreal Engine 5.3 and heavily utilizes Lumen software raytracing and Nanite.

Does Supermoves support DLSS and FSR?


Is Supermoves a liveops title?

We’re looking at adding free and paid content updates in the future, including Level Kits, cosmetics and possibly seasonal passes.

What are Level Kits?

Supermoves’ levels are made from block-like elements assembled into what we call Level Kits – unique environments full of parkour fun! Think of them sort of like block toy kits; featuring both unique and more reusable pieces that are assembled into levels. Level Kits may also feature an original soundtrack and unique level hazards.

What Level Kits will be featured in Supermoves at launch?

The following Level Kits are included with Supermoves base game:
– Courtyard,
– Schoolyard
– Industrial
– School Gym
– Plywood Park
– Rooftops
– Flatlands
– Ocean
– Streets
– Stadium

Will there be paid cosmetics and Level Kits?

Yes. The Makea Store will feature both free and paid cosmetics, Level Kits and kit pieces. All levels are free to play and access, but if you do not own the corresponding Level Kit you will not be able to edit or remix the level in question with the Makea Editor. Cosmetics are just that – purely cosmetic – and won’t impact gameplay.

What are the system requirements for Supermoves?

Supermoves system requirements will be announced closer to release.

What languages does Supermoves support?

Supermoves will be available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Finnish. The game is dubbed in English in all languages.

Will Supermoves support the Steam Deck or other handheld gaming systems?

Supermoves is a very demanding title and may not perform as expected on handheld gaming systems like the Steam Deck. Players may experience performance loss, graphical glitches and other issues when running the game on the platform. While we cannot provide official support, we do enjoy the Steam Deck and hope to support it further in the future (i.e. when Unreal Engine 5 games get more optimized for it).

What is the Makea Editor?

Supermoves is powered by the Makea Editor, a “Minecraft”-inspired level editor that allows anyone to make any kind of level with just their controller. The Makea Editor is very accessible and easy to use, allowing you to share your levels and playlists in the Makeaverse at anytime. The editor is operated from the first person perspective and supports multiplayer editing for building levels and experiences with friends in real time.

What editions of Supermoves will be available?

Supermoves will have two editions available, all-digital:

– Supermoves Standard Edition features the base game.
– Supermoves Digital Deluxe Edition features the base game and exclusive digital deluxe content, including the Digital Deluxe hoodie and sneakers, the original soundtrack composed by Olli Heino and a unique cosmetic logo that can be attached to any supported clothing item.

Both editions are available on Steam on launch day. Players can upgrade to the Digital Deluxe edition at any time. The soundtrack is available through Steam’s soundtrack system, as high-quality .mp3 files.

Who is making Supermoves?

Supermoves is made by Makea Games, a 15 person game studio hailing from Tampere, Finland. Founded by industry veterans, we are focused on user-generated content and easy-to-use game editor tools, which we pass on to our players as well. Makea Games lets you make a game – just bring your imagination. Please visit for more information about Makea Games.