The Makea Editor

Here at Makea Games we believe anyone should be able to make a game. When designing Supermoves, the ultimate parkour party game, we decided to let you just…make everything.

The Power of Creating Together

Introducing the Makea Editor, the most powerful and accessible world editor. All you need is your controller – and your imagination.

Change the time of day. Carve holes in the walls. Swap in windows and light it just the way you like it. Choose from over eight gamemodes and assign them for your level. Submit your creations to the wider Supermoves universe – the vast network of everything made by anyone ever.

Build It – Together

Don’t want to make stuff alone? Don’t worry, you can enter the Makea Editor with any amount of players. Think of it as your second-favorite block-placing world, where you have every single prop from the game to play with. Yes, we made the entire game with this editor, that’s just how powerful it is. Yes, we’re giving you new pieces all the time to play in the sandbox.

Make breakneck parkour courses where every step can be your doom – or the best bungalow to chill in with your buddies. Make a relaxing obby course that ascends to the heavens – or a heart-stopping Rising Tide where an entire city floods under a hurricane – the choice is completely yours.

Level Up With Level Kits

Want a change of scenery? The Makea Editor is powered by Level Kits, which transform the entire look of the game to anything from rain-soaked forests and glorious skyscrapers to the deadliest ball pit you’ve ever sunk your feet into. Play well and we’ll toss in decorations to make your level truly unique.

Welcome to the future, brought to you – by you!